# Mindful Money Matters

Women Investor Summit – Live from NYC May 21, 2022

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We're spilling the tea on financial freedom to our girl fam.. real estate investing level up your lifestyle live on passive income have personal security 🚀 💰 👸

  • 90% of Millionaires get their wealth from Investing in Real Estate & only 4% are Female Investors.
  • STOP trading your precious time for money, the middle-class and the poor work for money, the rich make money work for them.
  • Learn how to invest hands-on or hands-off as an “Out of State Investor”
  • Create a secure financial future and freedom for you and your family

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 

we’re spilling the tea 💰 women, wealth and money wellness 🚀 


Check In and Registration

12:30 PM

Opening Remarks: Smart Women Finish Rich

Real Estate Investing - from 0 Properties to Retired

Talk by Chloe Cohen, Owner/Operator of < 200 doors of residential, commercial and Short Term Rentals. Owner of Airbnb/STR Property Management for Boutique Hotels

Funding Your Deals: Lenders, Syndication and Self-Funding

Mastering Funding, Finance and Family a Talk by Esther Reizes-Lowenbein, CRE Investor & Syndicator

Break Out Sessions (pre-register required)

Different type of Real Estate Investing
"Getting back to work" after a break with Viral TED Talker Carol Cohen

Learn to Passive or Actively invest in the Stock Market

Thamina Stoll, Podcast GiverHerDollars

WORKSHOP: Build a FIRE Financial Plan Together


Bring your notebooks, we will reverse engineer a retirement plan that you can work towards. This will include how many assets to purchase a year, how much they each need to cash flow, create your "buy box criteria" and learn to identify assets accordingly. You will leave this session, FULLY prepared with a focused clear vision of your future

Money, Manifesting - Removing Shadow Blocks and Meditation


Level Up Your Lifestyle- learn to receive and understand what your sub-conscious limiting beliefs are. Let's break it with neuro-hacking techniques to achieve your dreams. Men talk about money all the time, let's have a conversation to see what your relationship is with this tool that helps, provides, gives, enables and empowers us as humans to achieve incredible things for ourselves, our families and the world at large.

Open Q&A Panel of Powerful Female Investors

Powerful Women In Real Estate, Art, Watches and Finance will be on the panel for both curated questions and open forum questions for you to ask ANYTHING you want to know!

Happy Hour & Networking

4PM 💃

Today is the day we dedicate to ourselves. We will learn, we will dig deep, and we will plan. Money is not a negotiable asset, it's a necessity, and we must find ways to utilize this tool to help ourselves, sustain our lives, and families. Bring your good vibes, a notebook and let's learn.

“"After many burnouts, I found Chloe and she was there every step of the way. No one believed in me, but now i never would have imagined owning a fully automated investment portfolio I can live off of to pursue my REAL passions in life."”

J. MargolisFounder

Chloé Cohen

CEO, Founder HOMĒS Hospitality and Real Deals by Chloe Podcast and Youtube


Thamina Stoll

Founder and Host of Podcast, Give Her Dollars.

Thamina Stoll is a Women’s Advancement Advocate, B2B Marketing & Sales Expert, Content Creator, Speaker, Personal Finance Coach, Startup Advisor, and Angel Investor.

Over the past 4+ years, she has generated and influenced 8 figures in revenue for LinkedIn in Dublin and New York, and joined the Global Leadership Team at Women@LinkedIn as the youngest member in the company’s history.

Thamina is the Founder of Give Her Dollars and Host of the Give Her Dollars Podcast, helping women build wealth for themselves and other women by normalizing conversations about personal finances, investing, angel & venture capital.

Her work has been featured in the likes of Thrive Global, Create & Cultivate, Authority Magazine, Nasdaq, The Bloom, as well as across several podcasts and in 2022, FOCUS Magazine recognized Thamina as one of Germany’s “100 Women of the Year”.

Maryana Kaliner

Art Entrepreneur, Founder of FORMah, Business Finance Professional

Maryana Kaliner is the founder of FORMah gallery, an art entrepreneur, and an international finance professional specializing in negotiations, business strategy development, and implementations.
Prior to switching her focus entirely to the art industry, Maryana served as the focal point for financial and legal aspects, developed e-auctions and bidding/pricing strategies, intercompany collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions, and secured negotiations of high volume deals across the Americas for global tech companies.
In 2021, Maryana brought her high analytical skillset to the art world and founded FORMah gallery with a mission to empower and provide a platform for female-identifying creatives.

Maryana works closely with collectors in creating meaningful collections and in diversifying their investment portfolio via art acquisitions. Being a frequent public speaker and judge for several business and art awards, Maryana holds an Executive MA in Negotiation and Decision Making in International Relations from The University of Haifa, Israel and a BA in Economics and Management from COLMAN, Rishon le Tzion, Israel.

Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

Investor, Syndicator and Fund Manager

Licensed RE salesperson, CRE investor, Syndicator and Fund manager

Julia Azer @watchbyjuls1

Famous TikTok Watch Investor and Dealer

Meet the Watch Dealer Shaking Up the Diamond District’s Boys Club

Her 300,000 TikTok followers—is breaking new ground in the testosterone-heavy world of watches.

Erin Lenhardt

Million Dollar Property Manager

Erin Lenhardt is a 5x entrepreneur with a background in food and hospitality businesses. She’s been an Airbnb superhost since 2014, when she started renting out her luxury apartment in downtown Chicago while she was getting her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. (She recognized her apartment as an underutilized asset.)

Today she is the founder & CEO of The Brighthouse, a boutique short term rental management company with operations in 4 states and 10 regions. She’s also the cofounder of STR to Wealth, where she teaches people how to build generational wealth with short term rentals through acquisition, arbitrage, or co-hosting. 

Erin is a digital nomad. She goes wherever the business is, or wherever she can dip her toes into the ocean, take a walk through nature, or catch up with friends.