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Meet Chloe πŸ‘‹

CEO of BRIQ, a PropTech company | Real Estate Investor from NYC in the Midwest & Real Estate Investing and Airbnb Superhost Coach
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How I Can Help You! πŸ’ͺΒ 

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Teach You FIRE πŸ”₯

Chloe encourages every generation to pursue investing early on, from stock market to Real Estate Investing. FIRE Method stands for β€œFinancial Independence, Retire Early.”

Learn how to invest your money for cash flow, passive income, equity & generational wealth building. It’s NOT that scary view Beginners Masterclass.


Teach You Acquisitions, Property Management & Hospitality

Chloe invests in a variety of methods, but she helps friends and family Flip, BRRR, hold- but her personal favorite is Airbnb.Β  If you want access to some off market listings, take the Masterclass and add yourself free to my email list.


Teach You PropTech Trends

Her background in PropTech and knowledge of tech trends keeps her ahead of the curve, if you want to educate your Marketing Team or find out how Technology can value-add to your distressed property email her directly or listen to her PropTech Podcast on Apple here.